It’s been almost two years now and most of us have been working in a not so normal atmosphere. Many challenges have presented themselves when it comes to working at home or not working at all, what can or should you do as a business? For some, it seems their business has disappeared from the face of the planet. However, for those of us that have been through adversity before- we get busy. Busy with what you ask? Here are a few ideas.

A) Stay in touch with your customers. What we are going through has touched everyone in some way shape or form. Think of how you could help your customers survive during this time? What could you be doing to help them? In some cases, just checking on them to see how they are navigating through all of this calamity and maybe just to listen would be of the biggest help to them right now.

B) Keep ALL communication lines open- this includes communications with your employees that may now be working from home as well as your customers and your suppliers. Talk about how you can help one another during this time.

C) Pay attention to details- If you are not used to working at home it can be easy to lose track. While many want to think how convenient it is to work at home, some productivity drops due to distractions. The dogs have to be let out, laundry has to be done, yard mowed and your favorite chair beckons as the show you never get to watch because it’s on during the day is on now. This means little things get lost such as attention to details. Details like writing a complete sentence in your email, typos, grammar mistakes and estimates being wrong on bids that can bring in new revenues.

D) Check in on your neighbors- at your place of business or at home, pay attention to those around you that may be having a very difficult time. Whether it’s listening and talking to them, placing groceries on their doorstep or mowing their grass, make sure you are a neighbor that cares.

E) Educate yourself- Many of you have found yourself challenged because you are now using virtual technology to be in on or run meetings. So, take the time in between to learn more about this technology to use it better. It’s also a great time to pursue online courses that could make you better at your job or provide a new service to your customers. So, invest in yourself and make yourself more valuable.

In business, there are always things to do; even in the times we find ourselves now. Keeping busy will also make this time pass faster.